When you draw conclusions, you make
judgments or take a position on a topic.  
To support conclusions, readers cite
textual evidence - information from the
text in the form of facts and details.  To
draw conclusions in an informational text,
follow these steps:

       1. Look for statements in the text that
support your conclusion.

       2. Consider your own experience and
knowledge about the topic.

       3. Make a judgment based on
evidence and your own knowledge.

Informational tests contain details readers
can use as textual evidence.  For example,
here's a quote from "Women in Aviation"
that describes Katherine Wright, the sister
of famous aviators Orville and Wilbur

       "When the world speaks of the
Wrights, it must include my sister...She
inspired much of our effort."

Katherine wasn't a pilot.  However, based
on this text, what conclusion can you draw
about her contribution to the Wright
Brothers' achievements?