Root bell = war

1. Antebellum: Before the civil war
2. Postbellum: After the civil war
3. Rebellion: War against the government of a country
4. Bellow: To shout in a deep voice
5. Bellipotent: Mighty in War
6. Bellona: The roman goddess of war
7. Casus belli: A pre-text of war
8. Rebel: A person who opposes established government or leader
9. Bellicose: Warlike, fond of fighting
10. Belligerent: Feeling or showing readiness to fight
11. Pax in bello: Peace in war.
12. Rebellion: A + refusal to accept authority
Root amo  = love

Amanda: she who is to be “loved”
amorous: of or pertaining to “love”
enamored: in “love” with
amatory: of a “love” relationship
amenity: things that people “love” to have that
make a place comfortable to live in
amor: Spanish word for “love”
amore: Italian word for “love”
amour: French word for “love”
je t’aime: French for “I love you”
te amo: Spanish for “I love you”
ti amo: Italian for “I love you”
inamorato: a male with whom someone has
fallen in “love”
inamorata: a female with whom someone has
fallen in “love”
amateur: one who “loves” to do something but
is not a professional at it
Root homo = same

Root hyper = over, too much
Root dict =  -say
Exs:  dictionary, contradict, dictation

Root log =  -word or study
Exs: dialogue, log, logic, prologue
Prefix com = -with, together
Exs:  commemorate, commune

Prefix ex = -out of, from
Ex: excavate