Make a card for either Eduardo (7th grade) or
Alejandro (9th grade) or both!

Your card should be bright, colorful, fun, and

Draw or make a design on the front, write a note
and/or message in the inside.

Sign your name.

Here are some examples if you need help with
the message:

~“Hope you get to feeling better soon!”
~“Looking forward to seeing you back around
when you’re ready.”
~“Wishing you well.”
~“Take extra good care!”
~“Here’s to you—steadier, stronger and better
every day.”
~“We hope you’re taking it slow and easy right
~“Take your sweet time getting well!”
~“Sending good, healthy vibes your way.”
~“Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery!”
~“Miss you around here!”
~“Lifting you up in my thoughts!”
~“I’m sure you’ll be up to your old tricks again in
no time!”
~“Hope you feel a little better every day.”
~“You’re in all our warmest thoughts as you
recover from your accident.”
~“Hope it won’t be long till you’re out of the
~“Think of this as the universe telling you to
watch more YouTube!”
~“Hope you’re catching up on your A.R. reading!”

Writing tip: A short “miss you” message can be
great for a classmate, co-worker or neighbor
confined to a hospital or home because of an
injury or illness. It’s a nice little reminder that
they’re important to you.