The person I'm going to be writing to is savannah dinger

Dear, savannah dinger I'm sorry for being a jerk at the end of
the school year at that time I was angry at myself for what I
have done. I'm sorry for sometimes being a jerk to you and
your friends and yes you are my friend so I should treat you
like one.


P.S. how's everybody doing in anza.

The Mayflower is a bout that floats on water with flowers. The
colonies would live and believe in faith religion. Colonies
created a society and would further it.people had to take a
vote and majority agreed.mayflower ended up outside of
virgina company territory.

It would be a football. It would be not really big or really
small. It would taste like a brownie. I would call it chewy
football. It would be brown and white. Look just like a
football. That is what I would create as a candy if I wanted too.

There are over 3000 different types of candy with most of
those having more than 20 ingredients. If I could invent a
candy I would call it the Multi-pop (This version is the
ReecePop) . It has hard cherry on the outside and on the
inside it has peanut butter. The peanut butter would taste like
that of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and the cherry would
taste like that of a cherry lollipop. It would be called the
ReecePop because of the reasons I just mentioned, though
there would be multiple flavors for the Multi-Pop. Some of
those being FlakePop, Cocopop, CherryCherryPop, and
Sugar Pop. Each of these flavors would have a type of
flavour on the outside and a different weirder flavour on the
inside. Would you want to get a ReecePop? Or even a
FlakePop? Get them at your nearest retail store for 2.39$ on
May 3rd, 201923.

What I think it would be like back when. It would probably
Suck because there is probably no video games or no
phones. Being a president Must be even worse because you
would have to sit in an office all day because I imagine that
there is no computer or anything . A good thing about being
president back then must have also been really  relaxed
because there are as many bad things going on then there is
known. Being president then compared to know is really
different. In a way they are different is that back then It was
more like go do it yourself. Know it's like we can do that
together And like nowadays people just keep less stronger
and things get more expensive.

I think there are many things about being the second
president and I will tell you about that today.

I think being the second president would be good but I would
have a lot of pressure on me. My reason being the people
have high expectations on you when your the second
president. Unlike today there is still pressure but not as much
because the people's expectations aren’t as high as today
unlike way back in the day. But I believe it would be a lot of
fun being the second president. My reason why is because
unlike presidents today the second president could walk
outside and go somewhere not needing even 2 guards with
him. But today every single time you see a president he has
like at least 15 guards with him.

That is what I believe being the second president would feel

I know that the Statue of Liberty was given to us by France
after the Revolutionary War. I know that the Statue of Liberty
is to welcome the foreign people. I also know that the Statue
of Liberty is green and blue. The Statue of Liberty is located
in New York.