Last, how can the lunch be improved at Lo-Inyo. There
should be more salad bar days, like not on monday though.
There should be more fruits and vegetables to go along with
the juicy meats. Also, there should be more juices like apple
juice. There should be more food of what the kids like. Like
posole, popcorn chicken, and tenders. There should be more
drink options like coke and sprite because honestly, more
people would buy more of that than a SWITCH. Their should
be 2 options of food a day, like on tuesday it could be tacos
or taquitos. There shouldn’t always be pizza on monday, and
on tuesday there should be taco tuesday, and taquito
tuesday. Lo - Inyo should get a vending machine because
people like chips and would buy a lot each day to go along
with the greasy food.  There should be a soda machine with
the soda and more than one water fountain in the cafeteria.  
There should be vegetables for  lunch and fruits for breakfast
to change up the order a little bit. There should also be more
tables so more people can sit together and eat food. There
should also be the same food for everyone, because
sometimes, people go late and eat something different. Last
but not least, fast foods. We should get to get partnership
with other fast food restaurants like fries from McDonalds so
we can have food we all like. Also, if you have a 4.0, you
should get a free 2 meals from a big restaurant. Now to top it
all off, a popcorn machine. You can sell popcorn for $1 and
people would get it too. That is how the school lunches can
be improved.

       School breakfasts and lunches can be improved in
many ways, but this is how you can get money off of it too.
These were my ways on how to improve the lunches and
breakfast. So in conclusion, school lunches and breakfasts
could be more improved and should do these steps everyday.